Main Services

Advanced customizability and attention to details will help you get your own website up and running in no time.

Website Development,
API Integration, &
Feature Development

LbKStudios specializes in website development and API integration. If you want a website, or would like to upgrade your current site, we're the people to call. We'll use our awesome mockup tool to design it, and then we'll make it. We also offer discounted maintenance services on previous websites we've worked on.
We have a dedicated integration team to get your Power Kiosk API integration setup on your website.
We also offer services to develop single one-off features such as sliders, animations, javascript special effects on your website, and other API/plugin integrations.
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Hardware Consultation

Your hardware needs have never been so satisfied. LbKStudios offers a wide range of computer hardware services. If you have or want Servers, Cashier computers, Workstations, Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Mobile phones, we can help you figure out your needs. We'll take cost and value considerations as our highest priority.
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Software Development and Consultation

If you need special software and don't know where to turn, just turn to us. Our team can find the right software for you, and if we can't then we'll make it. Our software developers are professional and have years of experience in the industry. We'll work with you to plan, design, and create your special application.
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Meet the Team

The people who have personality and genuinely care about your product.


Marcel Englmaier

Marcel Englmaier is a Founding Managing Partner and a Graduate of Computer Science at Western Michigan University. He is skilled at keeping track of finances and business documents, in addition, he is a lead developer alongside Alex. He has most of his development experience in C#.Net, ASP.Net, SQL, C/C++, Arduino, Spark Assembly, and hardware electronics infrastructure... just to name a few. He is also skilled at HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and a few other web technologies including Windows Server, CentOS, and Apache. He enjoys a challenge and gets excited about using new software and hardware technologies. His dreams to become a project lead and manager have come to life through the creation of LbKStudios.

Marcel also enjoys making movies, hiking, mountain biking, playing guitar, making music, watching good movies and TV shows, and creating electronics from scratch. Marcel is an active blogger in the spheres of technology, movies, music, tv shows, and internet culture.


Alex Ayerdi

Alex Ayerdi is a Founding Managing Partner and a Graduate of Computer Science at Northwestern University. Skilled in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Bootstrap, Alex also finds joy in challenging himself through Ruby, Rails, PHP, C#.Net, AngularJS, and NodeJS. His experience spans database technologies as well by using NoSQL with MongoDB, SQL, and Oracle. Furthermore, his professional experience in *Nix environments give him a full grasp of various full-stack environments.

Alex also likes to have fun. He's a very active volunteer, plays tennis, bikes, hikes, plays games, and has been practicing piano for over 19 years. Alex decided to co-found LbKStudios to provide a new challenge to tackle and because he'd spent the past few years thinking about doing it until Marcel offered to jump in with him.

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